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inérciaDemoparty2005 30 August 2005

If you're planning to come to inérciaDemoparty (2-4 Setember, Porto) please read the new site to know all details on the activities and how to get there.

scenept blog 21 July 2005

We created a blog from and for the .pt scene in a desperate attempt to incite more dialogue and comunication amongst portuguese sceners. Blog writting members wanted. If you're young, honest, scener and hardworking then join us now!

workshop demoscene penafiel-lanparty 18 June 2005

inercia will be present at penafiel-lanparty, 1-3 july, to give a workshop about the origins and current state of the demoscene in portugal and abroad.

inerciaDemoparty2005 24 April 2005

... and don't forget to come to inérciaDemoparty2005!

scene.org mirror is now again operational 7 November 2004

After a short downtime, our scene.org mirror is now once again fully functional.

Scene.org mirror down 16 August 2004

Our .pt mirror of scene.org's archive is down duw to a physical error on the disk drive that held it. We apologize to all for the discontinuity on the service. At this moment we do not know when the mirror will be restored but hope that it will be operational by September.

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End of inérciaDemoparty2004 3 August 2004

Thie year's edition of inérciaDemoparty has ended. The releases and results are already available.

iD2004 Ticket sales closed 26 July 2004

Ticket sales for iD2004 are now closed.
People that have signed in can still make their money transfers until 27th of July.
Remember that if you do not fill in you NIB after you place the money transfer, we can not confirm your ticket.
There will still be tickets avaliable at the party place so we look forward to seeing more sceners there :)

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Katastro.fi Books and Slengpung Cards for sale at InérciaDemoparty2004 22 July 2004

We will be selling throughout the inérciaDemoparty2004 event a small number of Slengpung playing cards and Katrasto.fi "Demoscene: the art of real-time" books

We will have a co-sell promotion of 18 euros cost for both the articles. In seperate each shall cost 6 and 14 euros respectivly.

Be warned that we have a little less then a dozen of each.

Sign-up for iD2004 now! 10 July 2004

Sign-up for iD2004 now and pay only 15€ for the 72h ticket.
Ticket's sold at the party place will cost an extra 5€. Buy your ticket now ;)